Type of Membership

  • Currently, this federation accepts following categories of membership from an Individual volunteer, Indian community associations or clubs:

Figure1: Depict of membership structure of FICI

  • Affiliate: This kind available for a full financial subscriber, stockholders from Indian community associations /Diaspora those wish to affiliate with the Federation in achieving similar objects. However, there may be a cap that no more than three affiliates member community associations or organisations from a single Territory or State of India. A nominated representative of each affiliate member organisation will have a voting right in the federation’s assembly or council in annual general meeting. 
  • Associate: This kind available for any subscriber, stockholders from Indian community associations or groups that wish to join (admitted into) the federation with the intention of and in the process of becoming affiliate members. Associates progresses through a defined and supported path expected to strengthen their governance processes, accountability structure, performance and participation. After a satisfactory mutual evaluation and review associates are admitted or promoted into affiliate status of federation. Although the informal or associate members have no voting right in the federation’s assembly or council but they support the mission and objects of the FICI.
  • Individual Honorary /life member /expert/ volunteer: Other than aforementioned membership in clause (i and ii), the Board of Executive Directors may invites any individual, a corporate body as volunteer, expert, honorary /life member who is wishing to support the mission and objects of the federation but they have no voting right in the federation assembly or council. 

Application for Membership

  • Please submit Contact Us Form on the website.
  • Application for membership shall be in writing addressed to the Secretary and in the prescribed form. The federation membership application can be obtained through contacting the federation’s secretary. 
  • The application shall be accompanied by a copy of the registration certificate of the organisation (if it is registered), a list of the office-bearers of the applicant organisation, the appropriate joining fee and annual subscription. Each applicant shall agree to specifically abide by the rules of the Federation of Indian Community in Ireland as stipulated in the articles of federation’s constitution.
  • The Secretary shall include on the agenda of the next Executive Board meeting after the date of receipt of the application for Board’s consideration each application for membership. The Executive Board by a simple majority vote shall admit applications to membership.
  • The Executive Board’s decision regarding membership shall be final whether an Individual /club or organisation should be eligible for membership or should be admitted or not.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership to the Federation is open for an Individual volunteer or a community group /association who identify with India or who are of legally operated in Ireland that are constitutionally structured and incorporated.
  • Each paid member will be entitled to cast one vote in the Federation’s general assembly or council irrespective of their total membership numbers to pass any resolution or motion. 
  • The head of each member organisation or his/her nominee must represent his/her organisation in General Council.
  • An affiliating full subscriber member  can hold an office bearer position in the federation and its sub-committees, as opportunity arises. 

Governance Structure

  • So far, we have proposed or agreed for the following kind of organisational and governance structure for the FICI: 

Figure2: Depict the organisational structure and governance of FICI

  • General Assembly or Council: The federation of Indian Communities of Ireland is having an apex body that is called Federation’s General Council (GC). The GC comprises by all paid members or head /nominated member (with one vote right) from each affiliating Indian community association or club. Until a chair-person of federation not elected or nominated, a senior member has responsibility to convene the council’s meetings, etc. The GC must be called to meet or convene at least once a year by two third majority of subscribers or the Executive Board of directors. 

Figure3: Both General Council and Board of executive director are presided by Chairperson

  • Board of Executive Directors: The office bearers or Board of executive directors are elected by the full subscribers of the FICI. The executive directors will assign the role of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, and Public Relations & Media Officer. The office bearers are usually from the full subscribers of the Federation. Under unusual circumstances, Federation’s governing board may invite any individual expert to hold an executive position or act as advisory board member. The term of appointment for a office bearer will be  at the discretion of Governing Board and General Council. After completion of term, he/she may be eligible as ex-officio members of the federation. Any office bearer may resign from his/her position by formally notifying the Board of executive directors at least one month before hand. WhatsApp’ message will be not considered valid for resignation.  

Figure4: Depict the organisational structure and governance of FICI

  • Committees or Sub-Committees:  The federation’s General Council /Board of Executive directors can make other special or ad hoc committees /sub-committees to delegate important and some specific tasks, to address a specific issue e.g. Sponsorship or fundraising, Catering, Non-catering /Exhibition, Cultural event organising, Sports Activities, etc.