Who We Are?

The Federation of Indian Communities in Ireland (FICI) is an umbrella organisation. The FICI as an apex community association may represent the voice of a majority of people of Indian origin living in Ireland. An Individual volunteer, an ethnic group /regional Indian community association, or a club that is a part of the vibrant Indian community in Ireland can join and become a formal member of FICI. This community organisation was founded by a number of like-minded organizations or individuals to come together to share their mutual understanding,  benefits, and resources that are of importance not only to its esteemed members but to the greater humanity. It is a non-political, non-religious, and non-profitable organisation. Since 2018, FICI has been a registered CLG in the Companies Registration Office. 

Our Vision

We at the FICI are determined to bring the different regional and culturally diverse Indian communities in Ireland under this umbrella organisation with the motto to show our ‘unity in diversity’ and ‘one voice for one community’. Our vision is to make FICI an Apex community organisation along with an Indian cultural hub or center of Ireland. 

What Services do we Provide?

We  at the FICI are voluntarily providing a number of services to our members and the broader community in the following main pillars:

Better Cultural Education 

FICI helps to foster better social, and cultural education among members of Indian Communities in Ireland by providing ample opportunities for practice and preserving both own/ common beliefs, social values, and cultural traditions. 

A platform for Patriotic Day Festivals

FICI helps to provide a platform for organising or participating in Patriotic Day celebrations as a showcase of the rich and diverse culture and cultural heritage of people of Indian origin. 

Social Inclusion and Smooth Integration

FICI helps to provide community service Programmes by seeking support from local county councils that promote social inclusion and smooth integration of immigrant members of Indian communities in Ireland into the mainstream community by allowing and advocating to maintain their own beliefs, social values, and cultural traditions irrespective of their nationality or ethnic origin. 

Community Development Activities, Peace and Harmony

FICI provides secure advice and advocacy to its members about their rights and privileges as legal residents or citizens in this country. FICI liaises with both Irish Government and Indian authorities, and missions for lobbying about policy matters affecting the immigrant members of the Indian community and others in general.  FICI may help in community development activities and help members and others in maintaining peace and harmony in the surrounding communities.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jasbir Singh Puri
Chair Person
Mr. Babu Lal Yadav
Mr. Sanjeeb Barik
Mr. Sreedhar Vaikuntam
Mr. Linkwinster Matthew
Mr. Deepak Joshi
Technical Co-Ordinator
Mr. Kuldeep Joshi

Our Esteemed Member Organizations




Indian Punjabi Society of Ireland

Indians in Ireland @Tipperary

Waterford Tamil Sangam 

Telanganities of Ireland 

Irish Punjabi Association


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